Who we are

AdCademy is a Global Education and Innovative Marketing Communications Academy operating from the heart of Africa.

The Academy was formed to provide educational services that would teach deep strategic thinking skills and practical advertising craft that will help practitioners and prospects to become first-class professionals.

Over the years, Brands have evolved beyond just letters and logos, transforming into powerful cultural forces shaping our world as we know it. Global Brands such as Tesla, Microsoft, Apple and Google have taken leadership in this era of transformation.

Given this, the time has come to build a first-class academy in Nigeria, for advertising, tech innovation and leadership development.

A rich heritage
Henley Business School was founded on the principle of harnessing life experience to business achievement.

We began over 70 years ago as the Administrative Staff College with the mission to retrain demobilised officers as business leaders to rebuild the British economy afterthe war. In tranquil riverside surroundings, leaders from government, military and the church came together to bring business to life. An institution and an ideology was born.

More that just a business school
Many other institutions offer Business education, so what makes Henley different? The answer is, we are about much more than just education. We offer the opportunity to live, breathe, practice and create business. Henley participants don’t just learn a list of facts and theories. They develop and apply their learning to real-life situations,

The seed which germinated to what is now known as the Association of Advertising Agencies of Nigeria (AAAN) was sown by Oloye Dotun Okubanjo, Chief Olu Adekoya, Mr. Sam Adedoyin, Otunba Banjo Solaru and Mr. Biodun Sanwo around June 1971 purposely to sanitise the industry. The Association was formally known as Association of Advertising Practitioners of Nigeria (AAPN).

Although the idea to establish the AAAN started in 1970, after consultations with fellows of like minds, the maiden formal meeting took place in June, 1971 under the Chairmanship of the late Mr. Dotun Okubanjo. Those who were also at the meeting were Leye Adedoyin, Biodun Sanwo, Late Chief Olu Adekoya and Late Banjo Solaru. This meeting took some far-reaching decisions, which included a decision to intimate various ministries and government agencies of the coming into being of the association.


Programme Director

Professor Moira Clark

Programme Manager

Olasunkanmi Atolagbe